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  • Sesderma Laboratorios, 27 years serving dermatology

  • With a complete range of products based on nanotechnology

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  • Anti-Aging

    Sesderma offers the best anti-aging products on the market. Time affects our skin. Stains, dehydration, loss of firmness, wrinkles...are all evidence of this. We recommend you have recourse to Sesderma's experts in anti-aging.
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  • Anti-Blemishes

    Skin pigmentation, in the form of stains, can be due to different reasons. Natural skin aging, ultraviolet rays, pregnancy, melasma and acne are some of these. Lightening Creams Pigmentation creams are suitable for all body skin.
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  • Body Care

    Caring for our body skin is vital to our general health. Sesderma has gels, body milks, creams and oils for body care and to combat conditions such as cellulite, stretch marks, improve body shape, rest tired legs and firm skin.
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  • Hair Cosmetics

    Hair loss can be due to stress, weakened follicles, excess fat, an improper diet... Sesdersmas has a wide range of products ideal for good hair care: serums, lotions, shampoos, blisters capsules... intended to treat and prevent hair loss.
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  • Intimate Hygiene

    The female genital area requires special care and attention. This area suffers hormonal changes and other aggressions. Nanocare Intimate is a first line market product that incorporates a genital rejuvenator and makes use of nanotechnology to improve the health of the female genital area.
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  • Hygiene

    Skin cleansing and exfoliation are advisable to eliminate impurities, regenerate dead cells and achieve a clean, soft, healthy skin. Body Hygiene It is advisable to use facial and body exfoliants once or twice a week.
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  • Moisturizing

    Daily application of moisturisers, especially after every shower when the skin is clean and exfoliated, is very important to improve the skin health and slow aging. Sesderma has the best moisturisers on the market.
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  • Make-Up

    Sesderma makeup is not just a cosmetic product. Our makeup maintains optimum hydration and revitalises, repairs and protects the skin from sun ultraviolet radiation, signs of aging and fatigue. Our makeup provides a uniform skin tone and greater vitality.
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  • Men Care

    Men's skin has special characteristics that require specific products. One of the main problems affecting men is alopecia. At Sesderma you will find a wide range of skin cosmetics and treatments designed for this condition.
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  • Sun Protection

    Applying a good sunscreen before exposure to the sun can prevent many skin problems such as burns, blemishes, freckles and even melanomas. Sesderma has the best sunscreens, which also repair damage caused by the sun.
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  • Psoriasis

    Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that causes inflammation and scaly lesions. Based on our dermatological knowledge we are able to offer treatments for psoriasis that prevent superinfection, relieve, soothe inflammation and itching and exfoliate the skin.
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  • Rosacea Treatment

    Rosacea is a disease with a reddening of the central part of the face and the appearance of pustules, itching, burning, eye redness , etc. We offer products that reduce redness and prevent symptoms becoming serious. Combat Rosacea with Sesderma products.
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  • Regenerating Creams

    Sesderma has a range of products such as gels, foams, creams, masks and regenerating creams, designed to repair and regenerate skin that has suffered any aggression. These regenerating products also help protect and prevent damage such as irritations and rashes.
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  • Revitalizing Treatments

    Physical and mental fatigue, some deficiencies, and certain stages of our lives affect our immune system and our everyday vitality decreases. Sesderma offers food supplements that act as tonics for these deficiencies.
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  • Sebum Treatment

    Seborrhea or seborrheic dermatitis causes sebaceous glands to produce more sebum than necessary, which causes flaking, inflammation and redness of the skin. Seborrheas treatments developed by Sesderma are effective on all skin types. Check them out.
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